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This is the site of doctoral research in design: "Contributions to a sustainable design methodology applied to the furniture industry: the Portuguese case."

It is a research based at the Center for Research in Architecture, Urban Planning and Design (CIAUD) of the Faculty of Architecture of TU Lisbon (FA- UTL) and belongs to the 1st edition of the doctoral course in design at the same university.

The aim of this research is to develop tools for designers and industry, to support the design process in creating more sustainable furniture, contributing to the paradigm shift towards sustainable production and consumption.



Research concluded - 2012.04
This research project has been concluded with the public defense of the PhD thesis last 28 of March 2012. You can find the thesis here(pt only) of for further information get in contact.

Research phase ended - 2011.11
The research phase and phd thesys writing is now concluded. To know more about the results of this research feel free to contact us.

PaperEcodesign Tools- One basis to operacionalize sustainable design - 2011.10
The research team presented a paper at the International Congress on Design Research - CIPED6. See dissemination page.

PaperThe Integration of Social Criteria in Sustainable Design for Furniture - 2010.10
The research team presented a paper at the International Conference European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production. See dissemination page.

3rd PhD Seminar Presentation - 2010.10
Is available the 3rd presentation made by the researcher within the Seminar Unit of the PhD Course. See dissemination area.

SDf Toolkit Test - 2010.05
The research team is currently looking for portuguese furniture companies and designers with experince in the sector that are willing to participate in the test of the toolkit. For more information please see partners or contact us.

Workshop Design Sustentável: A inclusão de critérios sociais - 2010.03
In the past February 26 at FAUTL the research team conducted a Expert Workshop: "Design Sustentável: A inclusão de critérios sociais." For more information please contact us.

Survey Design Sustentável à Industria do Mobiliário - 2009.11
The answer period has ended. Thanks to all participants.

2ª Apresentação Seminário PhD FA-UTL - 2009.10
Is available the 2nd presentation made by the researcher within the Seminar Unit of the PhD Course. See dissemination area.

Paper Sustainable Design: A Furniture Focused Approach - 2009.10
The research team presented a paper at the International Conference 40IADE40, in October 1s, 2009. See disseminação page

Blog BeMadABoutDesign - 2009.09
The researcher José Andrade Vicente is one of the contributors on the blog developed by IKEA, in partnership with APD, CPD, EXD e MUDE. See blog.

Survey Sustainable Design in the Wood Furniture Sector- 2009.04
It is being launched a national survey directed at the wood furniture companies. See details in the new survey area (pt only).

1st PhD Seminar Presentation - 2009.03
Is available the 1st presentation made by the researcher within the Seminar Unit of the PhD Course. See dissemination area.

Master Presentation - 2008.11
Is available the presentation made by the researcher in the Sustainable Design discipline in the Product Design Master at FA-UTL. See dissemination area

1 Cerne - Indústria de Mobiliário S.A. - Project partner - 2008.10
The company Cerne - Indústria de Mobiliário S.A. has agreed to become a project partner, being the first to do so. Our gratitude to the company management for their interest.

1 APD-AIP "Design e Sustentabilidade" Conference - 2008.10
This conference was held on 10th of October at the FIL Centro de Reuniões in Parque das Nações, under the Intercasa08. The aim was to discuss the role that design can have on sustainable development. The reseacher was part in the organizing team of this event. For more info see APD website. Download Pdf (1,4Mb)

1 AIMMP Partnership - 2008.09
A Associação The Portuguese Association of Wood and Furniture Industries (AIMMP), the main representative of the sector in analysis in this study, has accepted to become a partner in this project. Thank you. 

1 3rd Congress of Wood and Furniture Industries - 2008.06 
The research team has participated in the congress, where were discussed strategies and visions for the future of the industry and where design, innovation and the environmental concerns were issues in focus. 

1 Support in organizing the conference APD-AIP “Design and Sustainability "- 2008.06 
The researcher is supporting APD in the organization of the Conference "Design and Sustainability" to be held under the Intercasa08 on the 10 of October in the FIL (Lisbon International Fair). 

1 Design Cork Seminar - 2008.05 
Participation in the Seminar Design Cork, held on 16, CCB in May - Lisbon, where experts from the cork industry's, design and research discussed the sector, always with a strong concern in 

1 APD and CPD support - 2008.04 
The Portuguese Designers Association (APD) and the Portuguese Design Center (CPD) accepted support this research through its disclosure. Thank you. 

1 INETI - CENDES Support - 2007.11 
We appreciate the support given to this research by INETI-CENDES, namely Eng. Rui Frazão.


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